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Annie Shiu Headshot_UWCPC.HEIC


Hello, I'm Annie, an HR Consultant and Coach. My passion lies within guiding you on the path toward your authentic self and, together, building a life that feels genuinely fulfilling. Believe in the extraordinary potential within you - sometimes, you need guidance to uncover it.

My journey through beer distribution, sports entertainment, and tech has enlightened me in the value of people in any industry. By observing the transformative power of a strategic HR department, I've grown into a more refined HR expert.

Motivated by these experiences, I launched Shiu Consulting to nurture startups and medium-sized businesses. Our bespoke approach, built through my varied experiences, comprehends your unique challenges because I've been where you are. As your partner, I'm ready to walk you towards your goals. After all, every incredible journey begins with a single step. Let's take that first step together towards your bright future.


Additionally, I offer personal coaching services at Coaching by Annie, where I help individuals spotlight and lean into their full potential through powerful and insightful coaching sessions. Check it out if you want to dive deeper into your personal or professional growth.


Your journey awaits; let's explore and grow together. Let's connect!

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