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Our Story

With a rich and diverse background in industries such as beer distribution, sports entertainment, and tech, my experiences have provided me with invaluable insights. As both an engaged participant and a curious observer, I've learned that the heartbeat of every successful business is its people. 


I have seen firsthand the incredible potential of individuals to achieve success, which has shaped my perspective as an HR professional and reinforced my belief in the transformative impact of HR departments.

These stirring experiences became the catalyst for establishing Shiu Consulting. With a dedicated focus on empowering startups and medium-sized businesses, we harness my experiences to deliver a personalized approach to each client—understanding your unique challenges because we've navigated similar waters.


At Shiu Consulting, our services extend beyond traditional HR offerings, including expert coaching tailored to your organization's needs. Our coaching services aim to help leaders and professionals alike develop their skills, unlock their potential, and ultimately drive the success of your business.

With Shiu Consulting, you gain more than just a service - a partner. Together, we collaborate to craft an HR strategy that aligns with your specific needs, aiding you in building, scaling, or refining your HR functions. With our accrued expertise spanning various industries, we stand prepared to accompany you on your journey toward excellence. We believe in your potential and are dedicated to achieving it.

What We Offer

People Operations

Navigating the world of human resources can sometimes feel like a complex maze. That's where I come in - with seasoned expertise and a friendly, holistic approach, I'm here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring an experience tailored to achieve your organization's vision and goals. 

We offer a range of services including, but not limited to:

  • Fractional HR: Offering a helping hand exactly where and when you need it, scaling to suit your unique needs.

  • HR Management & System Optimization: Streamlining your processes with solutions that are as efficient as they are effective.

  • Employee Program Development: Crafting and executing programs that your employees will love, fostering a happy, productive workplace.

Leadership Development

Just as every celebrated sports player requires a coach to refine their game, professionals in the workplace are no different. To truly thrive and lead with distinction, focused guidance is paramount. Elevate your team with our professional coaching, designed to unveil and nurture their innate leadership prowess, propelling them to lead exceptional teams. Our offering includes: 

  • Professional Advancement: Employ cutting-edge tools and methodologies to sharpen leadership skills and insights.

  • Strategic Career Guidance: With precision-focused strategies, enable your team to navigate their career paths and ambitions with clarity and purpose.

  • Leadership Precision: Through a holistic approach, merge classic leadership principles with a value-driven mindset, fostering genuine leadership authenticity.

  • Core Values Integration: Promote alignment between professional endeavors and personal values, cultivating a culture of clarity, commitment, and integrity.

Organization & Culture

An organization's pulse is its culture and is the driving force for every function. Its heartbeat sets the rhythm for growth and success. A strong heart - a vibrant and engaged organizational culture - can steer your business towards uncharted heights of success. 

Our suite of organizational and cultural services includes:

  • Fueling Employee Engagement: Adequate employee engagement is the lifeblood that keeps your organization lively and thriving. We refine and invigorate this lifeblood through insightful surveys and significant initiatives, resulting in a workspace where every employee feels truly appreciated and valued.

  • Nurturing a Vibrant Culture: Building an organizational culture is much like nourishing the very heart of your organization. We diagnose and fortify your cultural health, catalyzing an energetic, cohesive, and strategically aligned ecosystem brimming with potential and growth.

  • Easing Transformative Waves: Change should invigorate, not disrupt. Much like a revitalizing shot of adrenaline, it should spur momentum. Our strategic and empathetic guidance assures your organization smoothly integrates these changes, metamorphosing potential resistance into a refreshing new acceptance.

  • Elevating Leadership Quality: Leaders are the pacemakers setting the beat for your organization's performance. Through comprehensive mentoring and training programs, we mold leaders who strike the chord of success and spark a delightful symphony of team performance.

Employee Relations

We provide expert guidance in navigating the intricacies of HR landscapes while specializing in conflict resolution, fostering constructive employee relations, and implementing employee feedback, we aim to cultivate a harmonious and compliant workforce. Our unique services include:

  • Conflict Resolution Expertise: We offer insightful guidance to resolve workplace conflicts, thereby promoting a harmonious and productive environment.

  • Constructive Employee Relations: We assist in setting clear expectations, nurturing relationships, and promoting mutual respect among your team to establish a positive work ecosystem.

  • Implementing Employee Feedback: We help you set up effective mechanisms for gathering and implementing employee feedback, moving your organization a step closer to continuous improvement and employee satisfaction.


Product Leader 

San Francisco, CA 

"Absolutely exceptional -- undeniably one of the most enriching and positive experiences I've ever had in the realm of HRBP. Under Annie's expert guidance, I not only learned valuable lessons but also received constructive feedback on my shortcomings, helping me grow both personally and professionally."
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